Mantras are powerful words of creation. In all mystical traditions, a tremendous amount of respect is given to the spoken and written word. What you say could be the difference between abundance and poverty. Words Are Powerful. In the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, Mantras are used extensively; in fact, they are the backbone of meditation practice in these traditions. Mantras are chanted thousands upon thousands of times daily by individuals who have become intoxicated by the bliss these mantras can induce. In ancient Egypt, The Goddess Isis was known to be the embodiment of magical power, her use of words of power was so potent, that RA, the creator God himself needed her help. In the Kabalistic traditions, the backbone of EVERYTHING is the word. Whole books such as the Sepher Yezirah are dedicated to the power of letters and words and how God used them to create the universe. A select group of master kabbalists used word and letter permutations to change events in time and the very fabric of the universe. In Christianity, as summarized in the John 1:1, the word is all-powerful. In fact, the WORD IS GOD.

The mantras presented in this course are no exceptions; they are very powerful Hindu seed mantras. Millions of people use these mantras to bring abundance, love and so much more into their lives. These ancient mantras have stood the test of time and their power is infinite in scope. When you chant any mantra, you change your bodily and spiritual vibration, this change in vibration is IMMEDIATE, you do not need to wait for the energy to be activated. It is, however, with constant practice that these energies become manifest in physical form; although, often times it can be almost immediate.

The Mantras in this course can be used to improve all areas of your life:

Financial abundance.

Attract Love.

Attract Health.

Attract Peace of Mind.

Enhance your creative and intellectual abilities.

Deepen Your Connection with Source

Here is what you get with this course:

Over 6 hours of Soothing Seed Mantra Chanting.

12 Unique Seed Mantras

The Mantra recited audibly hundreds of times.

A description of the Mantra and its intended effects.

An extensive 70 page Manual that will guide you through this course.

The powerful clearing technique never used with mantras before.


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